Stone Canoe

SC Online Poetry

In addition to the poetry in the Stone Canoe Issue 6, we are pleased to feature the following poets in SC6 Online:

Nicolae Babuts
Lockerbie; Magic; Mountain Lion
Michelle Bonczek Burial Grounds
Willa CarrollMatriarchive
Terese Coe Sponge
Will Cordeiro Pilgrim Roads
Deborah Diemont The Wind
Paul Doty Pink Barn Eye
George Drew Winning a Book Award during the Gulf Oil Spill
Mary Gilliland Dog Day Harvestfly; Kitchen Theater
Colin Halloran Lines Composed a Few Miles above Kandahar
Gayle Elen Harvey In Praise of the Dark
Nancy Kang Immigrant Acts
Gina Keicher How My Heart Learned to Beat Backwards; Permanent Fixtures; The First Practical Telephones
Kerry Kennedy Poems Don't Care
Mike Levin Indian Country; Lox
Jeffrey H. MacLachlan The Disappearing Lake
Thomas McGraw Elpenor's Plunge
L. Noelle McLaughlin Deer; Red Slipper and Teeth
Bridget Meeds The Ruined Orchard; The Shortest Night in Ithaca
Philip Memmer Dream
Devon J. Moore A Skeptic Looks Up the Brooklyn Bridge, Shivers
Lisa Mullenneaux Drop Everything
Karl Parker Elsewhere; The Obvious Aside Again
Mary Elizabeth Parker Bear, Salted; She, the Body Blanched
Elizabeth Preston The Baptist
Tania Pryputniewicz Nefertiti Among Us; Ophelia
Bushra Rehman Worry and Anxiety Have Worn Me Down to the Bone
Jay Rogoff Dyeing
Paul B. Roth Trying to Fit In
Ryan Skrabalak We're on Holiday (December)
Kathleen Tenpas The Calling
Thom Ward And There Is Beauty in Cracked Sidewalks; And Blood is Bad for Business

The Moving Image

Editor’s Note: The Moving Image
Despite hard times in virtually all arts and cultural work, it’s encouraging to me as an Upstate New Yorker that Stone Canoe endures and has even been able to launch new sections and expand its website presence. It was my great pleasure to edit the journal’s first Moving Images section last year and to continue that role for this issue. “Moving Images” of course references our aim to cover the broad range of film, video and animation art forms that have significant roots and seminal practitioners in our region, as well as global reach.

Black Soundtrack, White Movie
In 2006, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in a movie for Hustle & Flow (2005), starring Terrence Howard, who was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and Taranji P. Henson. Many were quite surprised that Three 6 Mafia, then a relatively new and barely known group, received the Best Original Song award and, further, that a rap song would win the award. Read more...

Frame by Frame: Film Restoration and Preservation First-Hand
Whether from faith, scholarship or sheer personal desire, one has few opportunities to participate in experiences one knows in advance will be life-changing. Such comeuppances—because they are disruptive—are rare and special. Read more...

Star-Struck in Toronto: Adventures of a Young Critic
Frank Ready considers how celebrity filtered his experience at September's Toronto International Film Festival. Read more...

Dani Menkin: Profile of the Filmaker
Andrew Johnson had to wait till October to conclude work on his profile of Israeli filmmaker Dani Menkin, two of whose films screened at the Syracuse International Film Festival (SYRFILM). Read more...

SC Online Prose

We are pleased to feature additional work by the following fiction and nonfiction writers in SC 6 Online:

Doran Larson
Charles Lupia Escape
William PrestonMy Story of Us Looking for My Comic Strip, by Franklin James Nemeth

Kiki Koroshetz
Things That Can Humble You
Becca McArthur Diogenes and The Nile: A Lyric Essay in Search of Beauty
Charlotte Zoë Walker The Suffrance of Snakes


Stone Canoe sculpture
Stone Canoe by Tom Huff